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Tree Pruning, Maintenance and Removals

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Tree pruning and maintenance is typically performed to remove dead, weak, or diseased branches, crowded limbs, and to improve light and air penetration. Reasons to have a tree pruned or removed are typically for tree safety and health reasons but are also for aesthetics and improved shaping. Any cutting or trimming of a tree causes a wound on the tree that stays with the tree for the rest of its life. All pruning and trimming affects a tree's growth habits, alters its appearance, and can act as a vector for illness and disease. Always consult with a certified arborist before considering any kind of tree maintenance or major pruning. Only certified arborists have received the necessary training and knowledge to properly prune or remove trees; this ensures your tree will be pruned correctly and with the least amount of damage or harm. It is recommended that only certified, licensed arborists be allowed to perform maintenance on your trees. Pricing for tree pruning and maintenance usually starts around $100/hr and can go to thousands of dollars for large maintenance jobs.

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Sometimes, it is necessary to have a tree completely removed from your property. Again, consult with a certified arborist - they can help you determine if there is a possible treatment for your tree or if removal is the best option. Reasons for tree removal include tree death/dying, tree is a property hazard, tree is causing an obstruction, crowding or harming other trees/plants, unsuitable to the location or climate, or if the tree prohibits new construction. Pricing for removals varies depending on the size and complexity of the job but starts around $500 and could be as much as several thousand dollars for large removals.

Things to consider

  • Why do I need my trees pruned? Is the pruning completely necessary?
  • Never, ever, under any circumstance have a tree "topped". Read "Why Topping Hurts Trees" for more information.
  • Request and check all references and ask to see certifications and licenses.
  • Request a project portfolio. Ask if the contractor if he/she has any pruning or maintenance "before and after" photos?
  • Is the contractor insured? Always verify insurance before work begins, especially on jobs where dropping limbs could damage other property.
  • What kinds of training has the contractor received? How long ago?
  • Do they have current memberships in any of these organizations: the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association, and the American Society of Consulting Arborists?

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