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Backyard Ponds and Water Gardens

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Backyard ponds and water gardens attract beneficial wildlife and provide water and habitat for birds, frogs, turtles, insects, and other animals. Koi and other fish within ponds help keep the area free of unwanted insects such as mosquitoes. Ponds and water falls add natural beauty to the landscape, provide a relaxing setting in which to unwind, and add value to your home.

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Pond types vary by size, type, and material construction. Most often ponds are dug into the ground and lined with plastic or cement. Above-ground options for ponds include pre-fabricated kits, bowls, barrels, and other containers. Water gardens are similar to ponds but are usually smaller, have more plants, and few or no fish. Plants for use in water gardens and koi ponds include water lilies, fairy moss, and elodea. Areas surrounding ponds and water gardens are typically landscaped with statuary, crushed stone, rocks, or boulders along with water-loving plants such as iris, corkscrew rush, and cattails.

Pricing for ponds and water gardens vary by size, installation, and stone work. For a modest-sized pond or water garden, expect to pay $4,500 to 7,000 for installation and materials. For larger-sized ponds and water gardens, pricing ranges from $20,000 to 45,000.

Things to consider

  • Browse YardHookup.com contractor project portfolios, magazines, and books for pond and water garden ideas and pricing.
  • Ponds do require minimal routine maintenance and a complete clean-out annually. Make sure this fits with your lifestyle.
  • Consider all of the features in your landscape. Prior to meeting with your pond installer, have at least two or three possible locations for your pond.
  • Locate your pond where it is unlikely to attract unattended children.
  • Check local building ordinances for safety requirements, depth restrictions, and required permits.
  • Request and verify references for potential pond and water garden installers.

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