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Other Landscaping Services - Lighting, Seasonal Yard Clean Up, and Dirt Work & Haul Off

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Landscape installations, renovations, and lawn maintenance services often encompass other landscaping services such as landscape lighting, seasonal yard clean up, and dirt work and haul off. However, you may have a need for these specialized services to be performed by independent companies because your project needs may be more focused in scope. Pricing for landscape lighting, seasonal yard clean up, and dirt work and haul off varies by size and scope of individual projects.

Landscape lighting services typically involve installation of lighting around the exterior of the home, pathways, within trees, and landscape beds. Lighting around your home and garden provides safety and security on patios, decks, pools, and outdoor rooms and kitchens. Lighting within the landscape also highlights ponds, art, statues, waterfalls, and fountains.

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Seasonal yard clean up typically takes place in the fall and spring and includes removal of leaves, brush, and other unwanted plant materials. Activities include pruning of dead, diseased, and unwanted growth on trees, shrubs, ornamentals, and perennials along with leaf and brush removal. Additional clean up services include removal of dead, old, diseased, or unwanted annuals and ornamental flowers. For vegetable gardens, seasonal yard clean up includes removal of dead vegetable plants and mulching of gardens and pathways to prevent weed seed germination.

Dirt work and haul off activities consist of lawn leveling, grading, backfilling, and/or removal of unwanted soil. Other dirt work services include building up soil around homes to prevent foundation cracking and structure shifting along with backfilling of unused or unwanted pools. Soil erosion services include backfilling behind retaining walls or adding soil to steeply sloping lawns.

Things to consider

  • Ensure that any lighting contractors are fully insured and certified, licensed electricians.
  • For seasonal landscape clean up services, ask if the debris will be removed by the landscaping company or if the debris is to be picked up by your local trash service. There may be an additional charge if the landscape company disposes of the waste.
  • For seasonal yard clean up, never allow contractors to ‘top’ existing trees, crepe myrtles, and shrubs. Read “Why Topping Hurts Trees” for more information.
  • For dirt work projects, ensure any soil installed is free of weed seeds, debris, trash, or contaminants. Inquire where they wish to import soil from.
  • On large dirt work projects requiring heavy machinery such as loaders, backhoes or bobcats, ask how the contractor intends to protect your trees and existing landscape from soil compaction and other construction-related damage often caused by these machines.
  • Always request and verify a landscape company or contractor’s references, licenses, and insurances prior to hiring.

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