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Master Planning a Home Landscape

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Master planning a home landscape is equivalent to overall project management on a commercial construction project. Master planning involves creating a "landscape blueprint" or project plan that encompasses all aspects of the residential project. Master landscape planning is typically used for large residences, estates, and ranches where numerous sub-projects are being implemented concurrently by different subcontractors within the larger overall project. Typically, landscape master planning begins during the planning and design stages of a large-scale project, and continues through to project completion. Master planning is also utilized for older, more established landscape-related renovation projects, depending upon the degree of updates implemented during the renovation.

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Large scale landscape companies and landscape architecture firms often provide landscape master planning services. A master planner will assess the physical aspects of the property, project scope, timing constraints, material availability, needed subcontractors, staging and sequencing, and any special needs that you and your project require. Once the preliminary plan is approved, the master planner will typically create a detailed project plan, and will manage to the plan, providing updates to you in a structured and timely manner. They will coordinate all aspects of the project, and will run interference with all involved parties. The master planner is your single point of contact. Master planning pricing will vary by the complexity, scope and duration of the overall project. Master planners may charge by the hour or on a project basis.

Things to consider

  • Consider the size of your project and the extent to which you wish to be involved with the various contractors.
  • Ask your master planner candidates to see samples of previous master plans from past projects.
  • Request and check all references, licenses, and insurance for any master planner under consideration.
  • Note, some landscape architects charge for the initial consultation. Inquire about this prior to your meeting.
  • Ensure you and the master planner fully understands all aspects of any signed contract.

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