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Illuminating Your Landscape and Home

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Outdoor landscape lighting can make the difference in making your backyard or patio an extension of your living room. Whether you prefer solar landscape lighting or fixed outdoor light fixtures, having a professional help you design and install your landscape lights is money well spent.

There are many different styles of outdoor residential landscape lightning. To help you select which one is right for your project, first determine the purpose for the light. Will it be illuminating your deck for entertaining? Will it be lighting a pathway to allow safe passage? Will it be used to enhance landscape features such as a gorgeous old oak tree, arbor, pond, fountain or pool? Or is it for security purposes?

Things to consider

  • What is my landscape lighting budget?
  • To save time, draft a plan of where you might want lights installed. Take into account, any future landscape installations, renovations, or tree and arborist services prior to landscape light installation.
  • Is the contractor an insured, certified electrician?
  • Review and check all references; request a project portfolio.
  • Inquire about energy-saving lighting techniques and technologies which could be used in your landscape lighting.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of any contracts signed.
  • Ask about repair cost and maintenance.

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