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Landscape Irrigation and Sprinkler System Information

Installing a new irrigation or sprinkler system can help you have a more healthy lawn and landscape, while at the same time, saving you valuable hand-watering time, money, and water resources.

Take into account any landscape renovations and tree plantings you may be considering before the sprinkler system is installed. Prior to your consultation, consider sketching a plan of where you may want the system installed. Also consider your foundation needs - consistent year-round watering around your foundation will greatly reduce problems associated with contracting and expanding clay-based soils. Group plants that have similar watering needs. Ask your contractor about "hydrozoning" and other water conservation techniques for use with sprinkler systems, and be sure the final plan has yard sections logically zoned.

Things to consider

  • Inquire as to the flexibility of the particular controller system you are considering installing.
  • How easy is the system to program?
  • Does the system have adequate electrical surge protection?
  • Are spray head replacements easily changed and affordable?
  • Prior to signing any contracts, discuss with your irrigation specialist or landscape contractor, the terms of the contract and applicable warranties.
  • Use only licensed and certified irrigation professionals and technicians.
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Links & Resources

Check out the Irrigation Consumer Bill of Rights at Irrigation.org.

Expect a professionally installed system using high quality parts to cost from $1500 to $2500 for a 2500 square foot front lawn.

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