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Irrigation and Automatic Sprinkler System Installation Information

Installing an automatic irrigation system has many benefits for homeowners and commercial property owners. Sprinkler systems save time by limiting hand-watering and rotating sprinklers in the landscape. Because most irrigation systems run at scheduled times for specific durations, homeowners can control more efficiently how much water is distributed to grass, trees, and ornamentals. A further benefit of an automatic sprinkler system is that watering is set up in zones within the landscape. Homeowners can choose which areas to water and when. Shaded areas may only need irrigation once a week while other areas in full sun may need watering twice a week. Improper watering practices such as over- or under-watering can stress plants and turf causing them to be weak and vulnerable to diseases and pests. Automatic irrigation systems lead to healthier landscapes and lawns by regulating when and how much landscapes are irrigated.

Prior to installing an irrigation system, research contractors and landscapers on YardHookup.com to see average pricing for different systems. Brands to consider include Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Orbit, and Weathermatic. Most systems with installation range from $1500 to $2500 for an average sized-lawn. Pricing will vary depending on the selected brand, system complexity, and yard size. Always use a licensed and insured irrigation contractor for your sprinkler system installation. Only licensed professionals have the necessary experience and training for designing and installing new irrigation systems.

Things to consider

  • According to "Title 2 Texas Water Code, Chapter 34 and Title 30 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 344 rules, any individual in the business of selling, designing, consulting, altering, servicing, or repairing landscape irrigation systems for non-agricultural purposes in the state of Texas must be a TCEQ Licensed Irrigator or must qualify as an exemption under law." Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for more information.
  • Always request and verify an irrigation contractor's references, license, and insurance.
  • Request an "as-built" for your design. The "as-built" will show the location of sprinkler heads, underground pipes, and all control valves. You can also use it to verify that the installation conforms to the initial design and bid.
  • Ensure both you and your contractor understand fully the warranties, limitations, and requirements of any signed contract.
  • Ask your contractor what is required to maintain your new irrigation system. What maintenance services are included in your contract?

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