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Dirt Work and Haul-Off Landscape Services

Dirt work and haul-off landscape services encompass a wide array of activities. The most common dirt work services requested in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex include adding and building up soil around foundations to prevent foundation cracking and shifting. Another commonly requested service is in-ground pool removal or backfilling of soil into unused and unwanted pools. Lawn leveling, grading, and site preparation are other services offered by soil and dirt work contractors in North Texas. Erosion control and prevention activities such as adding soil to retaining walls and sloping lawns are also services provided under the category of dirt work. Other activities include removal of dirt or rock from yards and gardens along with new soil installation for new vegetable gardens or ornamental, flower, and landscape beds. Many contractors also offer installation of crushed aggregate or gravel, or concrete driveways.

Depending upon the size of the job, dirt work and landscape contractors may rent their equipment, or if the job is small enough, they will perform it with hand tools, such as shovels and wheelbarrows. Ensure that any contractors used are adequately insured and licensed to operate the machinery prior to any work performed on your property. For jobs requiring extensive excavation with large, heavy machinery, consider what effect this may have on your existing landscape, grass, and trees. Often the effects of heavy machinery are not seen for several months, specifically with trees, which slowly decline due to the effects of soil compaction caused by large loaders, back hoes, and bobcats. Many arborists offer tree construction protection services to minimize construction damage caused by the movement of heavy machinery within landscape. Inquire with the contractor what exactly will take place, how long it will take to complete, and if they will be responsible for any potential damage. Don't be afraid to contact other contractors or specialists if you feel the scope and type of work may be beyond the dirt work contractor's capabilities.

Things to consider

  • Ensure any material installed is free of weed seeds, rocks, debris, and trash.
  • Request the names and contact information for the soil supplier the contractor is intending to use.
  • For any soil, rock, or landscape debris removed, will the material be picked up by your trash service or will the contractor haul it off? If hauled off by the contractor, is this included in the price?
  • Request and check references for any contractors under consideration.

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